RCI Recruitment Solutions, officially known as Recourse Communications, Inc., has been around longer than most players in the recruiting industry. Change moves rapidly in the evolving world of communication. Keeping up with changes in how corporate recruiters find top talent is not easy. Here at RCI Recruitment Solutions, we leverage insights and experience gained from evolving with an industry that has  exploded in growth over many decades.

RCI Recruitment Solutions started in 1974. That was the same year that President Richard Nixon was impeached (and pardoned) and the iconic pop group, The Beatles, broke up. A pack of Wrigley's gum sported the first ever bar code, and a guy named Erno Rubik invented the Rubik's Cube.

Over 30 years ago, if you wanted a regular job you used the Sunday help-wanted section. Life was as simple as that. If employers wanted to hire staff workers, they would do the same.

RCI was created to provide recruitment solutions during an era that suffered weaknesses in the job search and hiring process. At the time the only organizations that "recruited" people were the armed forces and sports teams.

A lot has changed in the recruiting industry since then, except RCI's sole purpose for being in business. RCI Recruitment Solutions continues to lead in providing cutting edge service and tools to connect great companies with great workers. In that respect, not much has changed at all.