10 reasons why you haven't heard back from a recruiter

Why you have not heard back from a recruiter is a common question with job seekers. A headhunter is supposed to do all the legwork to find you opportunities, right? In actuality, the world of recruitment is not all that clear to a job candidate. You may have connected with a seemingly open and caring recruiter, but you still will not get the whole story. So, what do you need to consider when working with an executive recruiter?

The following is an excerpt from an all too common situation when you think you have a good relationship with a recruiter:

Ten interviews and four months later, Samantha was certain this job was hers. She had bonded with the recruiter, who called her regularly and coached her through the long interview process. She had met with multiple people at the hiring company and she thought things went well. But several weeks had gone by since her last meeting and she hadn’t heard any news. When she called the recruiter for an update, he didn’t return her calls.

Like most people, Samantha didn’t fully understand some things she should know about working with executive recruiters.

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The Recruiter May Not Be to Blame

A recruiter takes heat from both the job seeker and the executive client. Understanding how the whole corporate recruiting system works can give you the leverage you may be missing in your own job hunting approach. Here are two crucial points to consider, numbers 6 and 7 in Tracy Lawrence's list about working with recruiters:

  1. Relationships matter.

If you have relationships within the hiring company who can put in a good word for you, use them. Hiring managers are risk averse and are not always trained at assessing candidates. For this reason, people frequently rely on referrals they can trust.

  1. Your reputation follows you.

It is not uncommon for a recruiter to make a few calls to former co-workers to get some background on you without asking for your permission. Make sure you know your reputation in the marketplace.

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All 10 reasons why you may not have heard back from a recruiter are worth reading. Taking expectations you have of others and holding yourself to those same high standards may be the key you need in order to land your desired job.


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