JibberJobber: More than a job search tool

JibberJobber: More than a job search tool

If you have been in sales or marketing you'll probably be familiar with CRM (Customer Relationship Systems). Basically a CRM allows you to manage your contacts and all the necessary functions to keep in-touch, on a timely basis, and thus, better manage your relationship with them.

If you've been actively searching for a job, and doing it right, you'll know the process is like sales and marketing, and in many respects it is exactly that. It follows then, if a CRM can improve your prospects in sales and marketing shouldn't there be something similar to help in the job hunt?

JibberJobber is just the thing, describing itself Personal Relationship Manager for your career.

One of the good things to remember is that JibberJobber has been around since 2006. That means it is likely to be here for the next few years and the updates that keep it relevant and useful will keep coming.

The cost for the premium service is very reasonable. But sign up for the free version and you get to try out all the sites tools and resources for free.

The site is also a great resource with a lot of helpful videos to help you and your job search.

The free videos will give you a pretty good grounding in how JibberJobber works and why we think you should use it.

The premium videos are a bit pricey, especially when you consider most of that content can be found, in some form or another, on YouTube.

If have used JibberJobber why not give us your opinion in the comments below?