Personal branding mistakes you should avoid

When it comes to writing about ourselves one of the common personal branding mistakes we make is failing to separate subjective views from objective facts. True, when it comes to personal branding there are always those varnished truths we present to show ourselves in the best possible light. But, that's the all part of self-promotion game, right?

Another common personal branding mistake is not focusing on what the reader needs to know, nothing more or less. It is easier to write about ourselves when we say what we think others want to hear, or worse, what we want to hear ourselves.

Where we promote ourselves may need a different voice or points for emphasis. This is also a personal branding mistake we may not even know we are making. While it is handy to have a one-size-fits-all approach failing to capitalize on the advantages of one format or channel over another can end up confusing how you are perceived.

It isn't made easier when one platform suggests you import you LinkedIn profile, for example, when a customized bio might be better. So, let's add "don't be lazy" to the list.

While you are considering how to avoid these personal branding mistakes, add this to your reading list: "How To Avoid The Five Worst Personal Branding Mistakes," written by Liz Ryan for Forbes. Ryan says many of us fall into common personal branding mistakes when we are asked questions like "What do you do?" She goes on to list five branding traps which you can read about here  

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