Great tool, dubious claims

Like most sites you have to create an account on before you can use their resume generator. Signing up is easy. The tool itself is straight forward covering all the usual topics and headings. Overall we found the site to be very user-friendly.

We like a site that has a place for user feedback, even if the feedback isn't always flattering or rarely answered. You can see for yourself on their forum page.

The biggest complaint from users is that the site bills itself as free. While we found the site's claim that " is a great place to build and post your resume online for free"is accurate, it is easy to see why a lot of users find this this to be misleading or more like a classic bait-and-switch. For instance, when you want to do something useful (and expected) with your new resume—like print it out—you have to pay for the privilege.

The morale of this story? Don't confuse "tools" with "services," even if that is the site's apparent intention.

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