ResumeGenius: More pros than cons

ResumeGenius: More pros than cons

Off-the-bat there were a few things about ResumeGenius that we liked. First, the fact that you have to pay for pro features is easy to spot on the home page. You can see what you're getting and for how much. Too often we find that having to upgrade comes as a surprise after you have built your resume. But beware, if you are not careful this service could end up costing you a fortune.

We liked not having to sign-up before getting started. And when you are ready to "activate" an account you get value-adds like job alerts from a variety of job boards. A lot of services expect you to cough-up your email address and offer nothing in return. Not the case with ResumeGenius.

A lot of sites have added a chat function for support. ResumeGenius goes one further and offers an 800 number too. Best of all, not only does the call get answered promptly, but the agent doesn't stumble over a script searching for answers.

There were a few things that fell short like the short list of keywords and suggested text used to prompt your writing. Setting this type of thing and the automatic charge to renew monthly service aside, overall we were impressed...that is until we got to the end.

Searching the site's jobs you have the option of applying to any that you are interested in. We thought this feature was very cool until we realized that having tweaked our resume and cover letter the "apply" process ended with our having to search for the employers' contact information. If you have tried googling for a recruiters email address you'll know, at best, it is a hit and miss affair. And if you do find it, you have to compose your email, starting from scratch.

It only takes one "con" to leave a bad impression. After a promising start, we ended on a disappointing note.

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