Why Go To A Job Fair?


why go to a job fair

A job seeker may ask, why go to a job fair when information about companies and job listings are easily available online? Recruiters at job hiring events seemingly reinforce the point when they refer a job seeker to the company website to apply online.

3 good reasons why you should go to a job fair

A frustrating experience at one or two job fairs is never a good enough reason for giving up, especially when your potential career is at stake. The truth is, job fairs are great resources for job hunters – and employers, too. Consider the following reasons:

  1. You learn more about a company face to face. One of the biggest complaints about job fairs is the cavalier attitude of recruiters who show little interest in being there or talking with you. If a recruiter cannot get excited about his own company, it could be a red flag that the work environment is not all it’s cracked up to be. By the same token, if a rep takes the time to talk with you and show some enthusiasm for his employer, you may have some insight into a great place to work.
  2. Nothing beats a face to face meeting. Often, job seekers complaining the loudest about job fairs being a waste of time are the same ones making little effort to present themselves in a professional way. Recruiters make the effort to go to job fairs because they are looking to fill positions. A little preparation on your part can go a long way, since you never know whom you may meet.
  3. You have opportunities to practice communication skills. In a State of St. Louis Workforce report in 2013, a lack of communication skills, a poor work ethic and a lack of critical thinking and problem solving were the biggest shortcomings of the job applicants, according to employers. Job fairs are a great place to hone the very soft skills that employers are interested in.

Making time to attend career events could uncover a dream job for you. Search our job fairs listings to find an event near you.