is there really such a thing?

Now, there is! Introducing the only comprehensive service of its kind that will help you make your best hire every time.

RCI’s Perfect Post™ is a highly integrated marketing communications strategy providing optimal coverage that captures both passive and active job seekers. We combine 4 proven elements, leaving virtually no stone unturned in your quest for that perfect candidate.


  • We broadcast your posting via email directly into the homes of passive job seekers who meet your basic qualifications.
  • We deliver your posting to 40 of the major sites where active candidates are located.
  • We position your posting in the most prominent places people look to first—Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • We amplify the impact of your posting via a specialized social media campaign.

To succeed in the 2016 world of recruitment, your efforts must be integrated. From email to social to search, let’s make the content you post, perfect.

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Perfect Post™
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Total Price Units
$1,795 per 1-9
$1,495 per 10-14
$1,395 per 15-20
$1,195 per 21+